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Lasers in Medicine and Life Sciences

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The city of Szeged is proud to have been chosen as the site of one of the four pillars of a massive European laser project entitled ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure).

ELI-ALPS (Attosecond Light Pulse Source), a facility dedicated to ultra-short laser pulses, is now up and running: in January 2018, a Swiss research group successfully generated high-order harmonics in noble gases, and the complex is getting ready to offer beamtime to external users. Our summer school, Lasers in Medicine and Life Sciences (LAMELIS), started out as a promotional event to popularise ELI-ALPS, but has since become a tradition in its own right, a regular forum to establish a knowledge base on modern applications of lasers in life sciences. It is now the fifth time the University of Szeged is hosting LAMELIS, between 11th and 20th July 2018.

This year a one-day satellite workshop will complement our summer school, devoted to recent developments in laser science, with special emphasis on the interaction between laser light and biological samples. Leading scientists from recognised laser laboratories all over the world will give invited talks, and the poster session will provide LAMELIS students with the opportunity to present their scientific achievements.

The summer school is open to both medical students and physics students. Although the theoretical depth of talks is tailored for medical students, the programme can also benefit physics students as they can learn of medical applications of lasers directly from distinguished experts of the field and receive firsthand information on the current status of ELI-ALPS.

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