Determinarea si analiza structurala a biomarkerilor glicolipidici in metastazele cerebrale ale tumorilor umane prin spectrometrie de masa de inalta performanta cu ionizare prin electrospray

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Titlu proiect romana: "Determinarea si analiza structurala a biomarkerilor glicolipidici in metastazele cerebrale ale tumorilor umane prin spectrometrie de masa de inalta performanta cu ionizare prin electrospray"

Titlu proiect engleza: "Determination and structural analysis of glycolipid biomarkers in brain metastases of human tumors by high performance electrospray mass spectrometry"

Director proiect: Serb Alina Florina

Mentor: Sisu Eugen

Tip contract: PD nr. 43 din 05/10/2011

Valoare contract: 300.000 RON

Durata proiect: 24 luni

Data inceperii proiectului: 05.10.2011

Data finalizarii proiectului: 04.10.2013

Autoritate contractanta: UEFISCDI

Contractor: UMF "Victor Babes" Timisoara

Rezumat proiect: "In the priority area of cancer research to provide novel insights into genes, proteins and glycans associated with the grade and stage of a given tumor, mass spectrometry (MS) develops continuosly era as one of the most powerful analytical procedure for structural elucidation of molecules originating from biological matrices and involved in cancer ethiopathogeny, especially after the introduction of electrospray ionization(ESI) technique and microfluidic based systems capable in sequencing minute amounts of biological material. The current inventory of cancer biomarkers consists mostly of specific proteins associated with malignancy and contains much less carbohydrate structures. Although studies of glycosphingolipid (GSL) composition in primary human tumours in general, and brain tumors, in particular, have been performed, GSL profile of human brain metastases, the major cause of morbidity and death for cancer patients, is lacking investigation. In this context, this project calls for the use of high performance MS methods in association with high performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC) and densitometry, for the determination of specific GSL expression and quantification as well as their alteration in brain metastases vs. healthy brain in order to find relevant tumor-associated glyco-epitopes as new prognostic biomarkers that could identify patients who are at the highest risk for developing metastases and to create a database to be useful in clinical investigations."


Articole publicate in extenso in reviste ISI:
Serb AF, Sisu E, Vukelić Ž, Zamfir AD, Profiling and Sequencing of Gangliosides from Human Caudate Nucleus by Chip-Nanoelectrospray Mass Spectrometry, J Mass Spectrom., 2012: 47(12):1561-1570. (factor de impact: 3.268)

Lucrari publicate in rezumat in volumele manifestarilor stiintifice internationale:
Serb A, Dragan S , Flangea C, Sisu E, Zagrean A-M, Vukelić Ž, Zamfir AD, Application of Modern Mass Spectrometric Methods in Neuroscience Research: Mapping  and Sequencing of Human Brain Gangliosides, Poster Presentation, Joint Conference of Polish Mass Spectrometry Society and German Mass Spectrometry Society-2012, ISBN 978-83-7712-064-4, pag. 190,  4-7 March 2012, Poznan, Poland

Alina F. Serb, Željka Vukelić, Corina Flangea, Ana-Maria Zagrean, Eugen Sisu, Alina D. Zamfir, Space-Temporal Distribution of Gangliosides in the Human Brain by Mass Spectrometry, Poster Presentation, NEURONUS 2013 IBRO & IRUN Neuroscience Forum, 9-11 May 2013, Kracow, Poland

Lucrari publicate in rezumat in volumele manifestarilor stiintifice nationale cu participare internationala:
Alina F. Serb, Željka Vukelić, Corina Flangea, Cristian Schiopu, Eugen Sisu, Alina D. Zamfir, Investigation of Oligosaccharides from Biological Matrices Using Modern Mass Spectrometric Methods - A Preliminary Study, Poster Presentation, 13 th Edition Timisoara’s Academic Days, Chemistry, 13-14 June 2013, Timisoara, Romania

Conferinte/lector invitat:
Serb A, Vukelić Ž, Sisu E, Zagrean L, AD Zamfir, New Persialylated Gangliosides Detected from Human Caudate Nucleus by Advanced Mass Spectrometric Methods, Conferinta“Diaspora in Cercetarea Stiintifica si Invatamantul Superior din Romania", Oral Presentation,   25-28 September 2012, Bucharest, Romania

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