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General presentation

The discipline of Oral Rehabilitation and Emergencies in Dentistry is coordinated by prof. univ. dr. Carmen Todea, starting with 1997, until which it was led by Professor dr. Nicola Marcu, PhD. The name of the discipline in the beginning was Dental Policlinic, then in 1997, at the initiative of the professor, it was changed to Oral Rehabilitation, and starting with 2001, the title was changed to its current format by the discipline taking over the dental emergency department, of the Timișoara Municipal Emergency Clinical Hospital.

The headquarters of the discipline is located within the Faculty of Dentistry, on the 4th floor and on the ground floor, where the dental emergency ambulatory of the Timișoara Municipal Emergency Clinical Hospital operates, where the Emergency Internships in Dentistry are carried out.

Within the discipline, 9 teachers work:

⇒ 4 full-time teachers

  • Prof. univ. Dr. Carmen Todea
  • Chief of works Dr. Mariana Ioana Miron
  • Head of works Dr. Ruxandra Elena Luca
  • Assist. univ. Dr. Bogdan-Florin Hoinoiu

⇒ 5 teachers with a fixed-term contract:

  • University Assistant Dr. Daliana-Emanuela Bojoga, dentist, resident general dentistry, PhD student
  • University Assistant Dr. Ioana-Roxana Munteanu, dentist, periodontist, PhD student
  • University Assistant Dr. George Dumitru Constantin, dentist, maxillofacial surgery specialist, PhDl student
  • University Assistant Dr. Edmond-Daniel Ciora, dentist, dental prosthetic resident, PhD student
  • University Assistant Dr. Elena Hanigovski, Primary Care Dentist, PhD student

At the headquarters of the discipline there are teaching activities for the Bachelor and Master study programs.

Compulsory courses – study program License:

  • Emergencies in dentistry, year VI MD, sem I (Romanian and English section)
  • Oral Rehabilitation. Specialized practice, year VI MD, sem.II (Romanian and English section)
  • Preparation of the bachelor thesis, year VI MD, sem.I ( Romanian series)
  • Preparation of the bachelor’s thesis, year V MD, sem.II ( Romanian series and the English section)
  • Methodology of medical scientific research, year IV MD (Romanian and English section)

Optional and optional courses – study program License:

  • Optional course: Patients at risk in the practice of dentistry, year V MD (Romanian and English section)
  • Optional course: History of dentistry, year IV MD (Romanian and English section)
  • Optional course: Alternative therapies, year VI MD (Romanian and English section)
Master's degree program

Also, at the initiative and following the sustained efforts Prof. Univ. Dr. Carmen Todea, at the headquarters of the discipline is taking place the European Master’s program “European Master Degree of Laser Applications”. The European EMDOLA program was born through the scientific and didactic cooperation of several university centers in the European Union. This project has been operational for more than 10 years in Liege, Barcelona, ​​Parma, Rome, later it joined Timișoara, and in 2020 it joined the Wroklaw University Center. These universities offer a joint curriculum, consisting of 10 modules, over 2 years. The courses are conducted in English and Romanian for our university center (with simultaneous English-Romanian translation for situations where it is needed). Upon graduation, master-students receive double recognition by awarding a diploma from the host university and a European diploma.

The 10 modules have the following structure:

I: Optics, Laser Physics

II: Laser-tissue interaction, laser safety, properties of laser equipment and their applications in dentistry

III: Diagnosis, Doppler Laser Flowmetry, Optical Coherence Tomography, use of laser in dental therapy, use of laser in preventive dentistry, dentinal hypersensitivity

IV: Use of laser in pulpal styling, in endodontics,

V: The use of laser in dental aesthetics, pedodontics and orthodontics

VI: Use of laser in periodontics; Photodynamic therapy. Laser in oral surgery

VII: The use of laser in implantology and dental prosthetics, the use of laser in the dental technique laboratory

VIII: Low energy laser therapy; Jurisprudence and management

IX: Designing the master’s thesis, bibliographic research, laboratory research, clinical instruction

X: Final examination; Public defense of the master’s thesis

Head of doctoral studies

Prof. Dr. Carmen Todea has been the supervisor of doctoral theses since 2007.
Through the scientific activity within the doctoral studies, doctoral theses were concretized, which received the qualification of Magnecumlaude and Excellent.
In addition to the teaching activity, the members of the discipline coordinate bachelor’s theses, participate in the Admission, License, Specialist, promotion exams, are members of doctoral, master’s and attestation commissions in the use of Lasers in Dentistry.

Organization of conferences and congresses

The members of the discipline are the founding and leading members of the Romanian Society of Lasers in Dentistry (SRLS), whose foundations were laid in 2003. From its establishment until now, SRLS has successfully organized nine international scientific events on lasers in medicine. who have always enjoyed the participation of elite national and international personalities in the field of.

Postgraduate courses

In addition, at the headquarters of the discipline, under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Carmen Todea, the postgraduate course “Laser Therapy in Dentistry” is held regularly, which is a real success. The course is structured in 3 modules, which involves the approach of conventional treatments versus laser-assisted treatments with application in the field of dentistry. The program takes place in Timisoara, and at the end of the 3 modules the participants take a competency exam, based on which they will receive a diploma of free practice in the use of laser in dentistry.

The members of the discipline are involved in an extensive research activity, which has materialized over the years, by winning research grants, articles in specialized journals, with impact factor or in journals from international databases, participation in scientific events specialized, national and international.

The main Projects won by the members of the discipline, as project director, are:

– CEEX 82 – Optimization of dento-periodontal treatments by using laser technology – Multidisciplinary testing (2006 – 2008)

– CNCSIS IDEAS 1752 / 2009-2011 project: Development of optoelectronic methods for exploration and early diagnosis of testing the vitality of prosthetic ground teeth and marginal gum inflammation, Optimization of work technique.

Contract period: 2009 – 2011 Project website:

Within the discipline, a Research Center “INTERDISCIPLINARY CENTER FOR DENTAL MEDICAL RESEARCH, LASERS AND INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES” was established in December 2021, located in the building of the Faculty of Dentistry, 4th floor, Oral Rehabilitation Discipline. 1989 Revolution, no. 9, Timisoara.