The Faculty of Pharmacy started in 1997 as a consequence of the necessity to meet two legitimate demands: on the one hand, to complete the tradition, teaching and scientific goals of the „Victor Babes” University of Medicine and Pharmacy and, on the other hand, to fill in a void existing in this part of the country due to the absence of qualified pharmacists.
Ever since its foundation, one of the major objectives of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Timisoara was to train qualified pharmacists who, in the current health system, play an extremely important role in optimizing healthcare, preventing iatrogenic pathology and ensuring the patients’ therapeutic education.
There are two specialisations within the faculty:

  • Pharmacy – 5 years, full-time attendance;
  • Pharmaceutical Assistants – 3 years, full-time attendance. (Lugoj)

The studies conducted in the specialty of Pharmacy, are grouped in two cycles:

  1. Fundamental studies – the first two years, based on acquiring fundamental notions of chemistry, medicine, pharmaceutical technique and pharmaceutical legislation;
  2. Special studies – the last three years, mainly focusing on subjects with pharmaceutical profile, while also containing some subjects with biomedical profile.

Students carry out practical training in the community and hospital pharmacies every year. The European Credit Transfer System was introduced in 2000/2001.

Education focuses on training students in pharmaceutical practice: pharmacies, the pharmaceutical industry, food and drug analysis and control laboratories, and clinical “bedside” pharmacy.

Currently the faculty has laboratories equipped for both for the teaching activity and for conducting experimental research. Scientific activity focuses on drug design, using methods of molecular modelling, and quantitative chemical structure – biological activity models (QSAR), fields that are part of what is being known as “medicinal chemistry”, on phyto-therapy and pharmacotherapy.