Responsibilities of the Faculty of Dental Medicine Council:
  • defines the mission, objectives and development strategy of the faculty;
  • approves, on the proposal of the Dean, the structure, organisation and functioning of the Faculty;
  • approves the study programmes managed by the faculty;
  • endorses proposals for new study programmes and proposes to the Board of Directors the abolition of those that are no longer in line with the university’s mission or that are academically and financially inefficient;
  • approves the staffing of teaching and research staff in the faculty departments and submits them to the University Senate for approval;
  • decides, on the proposal of the department director, to increase the teaching staff’s teaching load for those teaching staff who do not carry out scientific research activities or their equivalent, as well as, in exceptional cases, to reduce the minimum teaching load and supplement it with scientific research activities, in accordance with the law;
  • examines and submits to the Administrative Board, for approval, the curricula of university study programmes;
  • proposes to the Administrative Board the establishment, merger, division or dissolution of departments by simple majority;
  • controls the work of the dean, pro-deans and department directors and approves the annual reports on the general state of the faculty, quality assurance and compliance with academic ethics at faculty level;
  • approves the evaluation and re-evaluation committees for the teaching and scientific activity of the teaching and research staff of the faculty;
  • approves the proposals of the departments to put teaching and research posts out to tender;
  • examines the report of the competition committees and approves the results of the competition for teaching posts;
  • endorses the results of the elections carried out in the departments of the Faculty;
  • approves the candidates for the selection competition for the position of dean, according to the law;
  • approves the employment of specialists with recognized scientific value in various fields, from the country or abroad, as teachers or guest researchers with associate status, according to the law;
  • annually approves the offers of postgraduate courses proposed by the Councils of the departments;
  • approves the organisation of the Faculty’s scientific events and measures to support student scientific events.
  • proposes to the Rector of the University the removal from office of the Dean of the Faculty, when it finds that the Dean violates the legal regulations and the Code of Ethics and Professional Deontology;
  • determines the disciplinary sanctions given within its competence by law;
  • develops and adopts strategies and policies in areas of interest to the Faculty;
  • performs other duties approved by the University Senate in accordance with the current legislation.
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