The Board (No. 37/34570/19.12.2023) of the Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara has decided to extend the deadline for enrolment until 25 February 2024 for citizens of third countries who paid the tuition fee and who already received the Letter of Acceptance.



        In accordance with the existing provisions and regulations of the university, there is a minimum number of students for a study program to be organized and run. After the deadline for registrations at the admission exam of non-Eu citizens, September session 2023, the minimum number of students for the newly approved program Pharmacy in English was not achieved.
          Taking into consideration this fact and according to the admission methodology, candidates who applied for Pharmacy in English, as their first option, have the possibility to confirm the place to their second option, Pharmacy in French, within the established period, posted on our website: September 26th 2023, after 14.00 p.m. (Romanian time) – September 27th 2023.

                                         Coordinator of Admission Committee
                                         Prof. Univ. Dr. Cătălin Marian Valer

The second admission session is available for English/French study programs where there are unoccupied places after the July 2023 admission session and for the new Pharmacy study program in English. Candidates can apply under the same conditions and with the same admissions committee as in July.


We are honored to inform you about our newest programme of study PHARMACY (IN ENGLISH).

I. The duration of the study programme is 5 years (300 ECTS/SECT credits), field of study HEALTH, after which a Pharmacist bachelor degree is obtained.

II.  A few of the learning outcomes of the study programme are:

  • Design, formulation, manufacture and conditioning of medicines, food supplements, cosmetics and other health care products
  • Analysis and control of medicines, food supplements, cosmetics and other health care products, analysis in biochemistry, toxicology, food and environmental hygiene laboratories
  • Consultancy and expertise in the field of medicines, food supplements, cosmetics and other health care products

III. There are 60 places with fee available for non-EU citizens.

IV. The tuition fee is 8000 euros per year.

V. The admission exam will consist in the candidates ranking according to the order of the options they made, and the score(s) obtained by applying the calculation formula below:

VI. The admission examination session will be organized in September 2023, according to the following calendar (approved by the University Senate in the Senate Decision No. 157/17740/26.07.2023):

  • September 4th – September 15th, 2023, 12:00 p.m. (Romanian time) – registration of candidates for the admission exam by filling in the registration form and uploading the registration documents (application file) to the admission platform. Candidates are responsible for the authenticity and conformity between the originals and the digital/scanned documents.
  • Subsequently, the university staff check the content of the files and validate the registration until September 22nd 2023 at the latest. The Admission Commission will only consider complete and validated applications.
  • September 25th 2023 – the classification of candidates based on their choices as well as on the scores they obtained in the admission exam, i.e. the mark schemes decided by the university;
  • September 25th 2023 – posting the interim admission exam results on the university website, once the ranking is completed; candidates listing will be made using the number received on their online registration form, which will anonymize the candidates ID (name and surname);
  • September 25th 2023, 6 p.m. (Romanian time)September 26th 2023, 12.00 p.m. (Romanian time) – appeal requests against the admission exam results may be sent to the following e-mail address:, until 12:00 p.m. (Romanian time);
  • September 26th 2023, after 14.00 p.m. (Romanian time) – issue of the appeal results and posting the listing on the university web page;
  • September 26th 2023, after 14.00 p.m. (Romanian time)September 27th 2023 – place confirmation;
  • September 28th 2023 – posting the admission exam results after confirmations; candidates listing will be made using the number received on their online registration form, which will anonymize the candidates ID (name and surname);
  • January 21st 2024deadline of registration date for the third countries candidates admitted to year I of studies. The deadline may exceptionally be extended with the approval of the university management.


August 2nd after 14.00 hrs. (Romanian time) – August 3rd, 2023:

Online Platform – My account – My profile – Confirmations – directly by the credit card on the platform or upload the proof of payment for 300 Euro/option and click the button for the confirmation of the place.

The payment proof of the confirmation fee that is not uploaded to the admission platform, according to the established calendar, does not stand for place confirmation!

To create your online account and for the registration on the online platform at the admission exam 2023, please access the link below.