The Counseling and Career Orientation Center (CCOC) is a support entity  that operates within the UMFT with the aim of supporting and advising students, to help them accomodate and integrate into the university environment, and to provide orientation, and psychological counseling.

Simona Bancu

Otilia Golban

Elena-Camelia Șocațiu

Address: 2 Eftimie Murgu Sq, 2nd floor, room 209

Facebook: Centrul de Consiliere si Orientare in Cariera UMFT

As. Prof. Dr. Nilima Rajpal Kundnani, Ph.D.
Specialist physician in Pediatrics and Family Medicine

International student counselor
Address: 2 Eftimie Murgu Sq, Student hostel building 1-2, room no. 45
e-mail:; Phone no: +40749031206
Facebook: International Student Counselor office – ISCO