Art. 1. The instructions are intended to ensure objectivity in the examination and marking of students and must be known by the entire academic community (teachers and students).

Art. 2. The examinations within the framework of undergraduate studies will be carried out in compliance with the provisions of the Regulations for the organization and conduct of professional activity within undergraduate studies (licență) and, respectively, the Methodology for the examination and marking of students at UMF “Victor Babeș” Timișoara (UMFVBT).

Art. 3. Theoretical examinations are organized on-site by series or/and disciplines (subjects) with the respect of the rules of social distancing, as well as of the measures of prevention and medical safety.

Art. 4. The scheduling of examinations is agreed between students and the course holder and will be forwarded to the Dean of the Faculty by the course holder/students, as appropriate.

Art. 5. In what concerns the on-site theoretical examinations in the form of a grid test:

(1) Students will fill in the A4 answer form, presented in Annexes 1 and 3 of the Methodology of Examination and Grading of Students at UMFVBT.

(2) When filling in the answer form, in Annex 1 the correct answers shall be marked with X and the wrong answers with a horizontal line and in Annex 2 the ellipses corresponding to the correct answers shall be completely blackened, without going beyond their edges, and the ellipses corresponding to the wrong answers shall be left white.

(3) The preferred use of Annex 2 as an answer form is recommended, as it is similar to the grid completed for the residency examination.

(4) Correction of the grids will be done in accordance with the scoring system used in the residency examination presented in the Methodology for Examination and Grading of Students in UMFVBT.

Art. 6.

(1) The practical examination is compulsory and is taken during the last internship/week of the semester or in the regular session, as appropriate.

(2) The practical examination will be conducted according to the specifics of the subject with respect to the similarity between the teaching method used during the semester and the examination method.

(2) The practical examination will be taken and marked in the presence of the course holder and group assistants. The practical examination will not be contested.

(3) A maximum of 2 practical examinations may be taken in one day.

(4) For students who fail the practical examination in the regular session, this may be retaken in the make-up testing session and, in case of failure/non-attendance, in the re-examination session respectively.

(5) Attendance at the practical and/or theoretical examination is not interlinked. The practical examination and written/oral theory examination passed by a student is recognised for future sessions, except in situations where students request re-examination for reconsideration of the grade.

Art. 7. These Instructions may be supplemented/modified according to the evolution of the epidemiological situation.


Prorector didactic,
Prof. univ. dr. Daniel Florin LIGHEZAN
Prof. univ. dr. Octavian Marius CREȚU