Name of the research center: Disturbances of Growth and development on children BELIEVE

Director of the research center: Professor Marginean Otilia, MD PhD

Date of establishment/ acknowledgement: 05.03.2021

Research areas/ research opportunities:

THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT PROCESS is specific to the child and if it takes place in physiological parameters, it ensures an optimal state of health in adulthood; any disturbance of this process at the level of the digestive, endocrine, respiratory, articular bone, etc. system  it will  express in adult life as a chronic pathology.

Our research center involves a unitary and exhaustive approach to the complex pathologies of the child, trying to capture the fine, recoverable changes from childhood.

The accredited staff of this center is represented by 5 university professors, 3 from the University „Victor Babes” Timisoara, 1 from national universities (University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iași) and 1 international (dean of the faculty from Leipzig). There are also 5 primary care physicians, 2 specialists, 3 physicians have 2 specialties and 2-3 related skills.

We are currently involved

  • in national endocrine disease screening programs – Hypothyroidism, vitamin D deficiency and its implications, diabetes and other metabolic diseases (hyperphenylalaninemia, methylmalonic acidemia, etc.), enteral enzymopathies, inflammatory bowel disease
  • international research programs – on the European register of sexual development disorders, therapeutic interventions in international programs as well as the use of vaccines in prophylaxis in childhood or treatment in hepatitis C, of the child. Currently, we approach the complex process of growth and development, on the endocrine, gastrointestinal, articular-bone, metabolic, renal, pulmonary sector.

We can perform dynamic and static hormonal determinations, the top enteral investigation performing endoscopy – with age-adapted endoscopes – with the analysis of the biopsy piece, imaging determinations .

Being anchored in national and international companies, working groups, national and international, we are open to local, national and international collaborations in the following fields of

  • Endocrine diseases
  • Metabolism diseases
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Lung diseases
  • Renal diseases 
Members list:

Titular members:


Name and surname of the titular member (didactic/ research personnel)

Didactic/ research degree


Otilia Marginean

Profesor, MD PhD


Oana Andreea Belei

senior lecturer, MD PhD


Teofana Otilia Bizerea – Moga

Asistant lecturer


Iulius Juganaru

Asistant lecturer


Associated members:


Name and surname

Student, masters student, PhD student, postdoctoral student, auxilliary and non-teaching staff


Cioloca Oana

PhD student


Troncota Adriana Nicoleta



Internal collaborators:


Name and surname

(didactic/ research personnel)

VBUMP Affiliation

(Discipline and department)


Stoian Dana

VBUMP, Department 7, Endocrinology


Mozos Ioana

VBUMP, Department 3, Pathophysiology


External collaborators:


Name and surname
(didactic/ research personnel)

Affiliation (Department, institution/university, city, country)


Kiss Wieland

Universitatsklinik fur Kinder und Jugendliche, Abteilung Endokrinologie, Leipzig, Deutschland


Smaranda Diaconescu

Dept. of mother and child medicine

UMF ”Gr.T.Popa” Iasi