Name of the research center: The Neuroscience Research Center Timisoara

Director of the research center: Associate Professor Brînzeu Andrei, MD, PhD.

Date of establishment/ acknowledgement: 05.03.2021

Research areas/ research opportunities:

The Neuroscience Research Center Timisoara is involved in pluridisciplinary research in neurology, neurosurgery and neuroscience in general.

Our key projects are in neurophysiology:

  1. Defining normal values for evoked potentials in the Romanian population. While these have been well defined in other regions no data has been published about normal responses in the Romanian population.
  2. The neurophysiology of the dorsal ganglion
  3. The Study of mismatch negativity by somatosensory stimulation

Projects in clinical neuroscience involve:

  1. Survival of patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma in the Vest region of Romania
  2. Clinical result after stroke in the Vest region of Romania
  3. Clinical result after aneurysmal SAH in the Vest region of Romania

Methodological research

  1. Recommendations concerning the use of mismatch negativity in clinical practice
  2. Recommendations for the interventional treatment of Parkinson’s disease
Members list:

Titular members:


Name and surname of the titular
(didactic/ research personnel)

Didactic/ research degree


Simu Mihaela

Professor, MD, PhD.


Pleș Horia

Associate Professor, MD, PhD


Roșca Cecilia

Associate Professor, MD, PhD


Brînzeu Andrei

Associate Professor, MD, PhD


Cornea Amalia

Assistant Lecturer, MD, PhD


Internal collaborators:


Name and surname
(didactic/ research personnel)

VBUMP Affiliation
(Discipline and department)


Hogea Lavinia, Senior Lecturer, PhD.

Psychology, Dep. VIII


External collaborators:


Name and surname
(didactic/ research personnel)

Affiliation  (Department,
institution/university, city, country)


Professor Marc Sindou, MD, PhD.

Neurosurgery Department, Lyon University, Lyon, France