Considering the inaccurate information published in the local press on January 16, 2021 regarding the percentage of teachers of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babeş” from Timişoara (UMFVBT) who want to be vaccinated against COVID-19, we inform you the following :

Out of the total number of full-time teachers of UMFVBT who do not have clinical integration, are not resident doctors, do not work in the private medical-pharmaceutical system (169 people), a number of 123 people were vaccinated, resulting in a percentage of 72.8% vaccinated teachers. Along with them, they requested vaccination and 17 auxiliary teachers.
Out of the total number of teachers, 340 have clinical integration (associated with academic activity and medical activity in state hospitals in Timisoara) to which are added 336 are resident doctors or doctors, dentists or pharmacists working in the private medical-pharmaceutical system – their vaccination was organized by the health unit where he works, which is why he is not included in the lists of vaccination schedules of UMFVBT
Until January 15, 2021, a number of 1774 UMFVBT students were vaccinated or scheduled for vaccination through the institutional account of the university, the vaccination campaign and programming for vaccination being ongoing.
Some of the teachers, doctors in the front line against COVID-19, have contracted the infection and, at the moment, have a sufficient antibody titer. They asked to be vaccinated after the titer of protective antibodies decreased.