…From this moment on, we wish to go beyond the art of being a doctor, and embark on a journey into the cultural field. We advise you to take part in a new project that will enrich your creative nature, a project proposed by Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Timisoara and the student leagues(LSFT, SSCR, SSMT, TDSA).

Our purpose is to create a community in which we would reinvent the extracurricular activities from the creative domain, in an interactive manner, so that the participant student will have the opportunity of involvement, socializing and self-growth. Theatre, Literature and visual/plastic Arts are only a few of the proposed themes where you can bring your contribution.

If you take passion in Arts and Culture, we invite you to fill in the next form (https://forms.gle/ME2yF5UceULceo6R8 ) and help us with your feedback and input.