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General presentation

Oral pathology is defined as being the part of general dentistry that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the oral mucosa. This clinical specialty evaluates the etiology of oral mucosa lesions and the existence of potential oral manifestations of different general disease into the oral cavity and maxillo-facial region. The clinical examination, diagnosis steps and treatment options have key roles for the prognosis.  

The main objectives of oral pathology are to identify potential pathological changes of the oral mucosa, quantify the possible associated risk factors, perform a correct loco-regional examination, and determine the proper approach for a further treatment. Special focus is on the salivary markers, oral microbiome, autoimmune diseases, malignant and potentially malignant disorders.

Our discipline offers the students the possibility for perform an adequate clinical examination of the patients, a screening of the oral mucosa with the help of additional technologies and supplementary tests to assess the oral environment’s health. By improving the clinical steps and the diagnosis approaches it creates new perspectives for a targeted treatment.

Scientific activity and research

Our discipline coordinates the activity of the Multidisciplinary Center for Research, Evaluation, Diagnosis and Therapies in Oral Medicine (CEDOM). The vision and activity of the center targets a complex analysis oral diseases and lesions, oral environment, and the identification of local and general risk factors. Taking into consideration the associations between the existence of multiple general diseases and their repercussions upon the oral cavity and mucosa, the multidisciplinary approach of the evaluation method, diagnostic and therapy based on technologies and materials is in a continuous development.

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