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General presentation

The discipline of Dermatopharmacy and Cosmetology came into existence with the beginnings of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Timisoara with the mission of training future pharmacists and future pharmacy assistants in the vast field of dermatocosmetic pharmaceutical products. It is a compulsory, specialized discipline of study. The didactic activity consists in supporting courses and practical works, in which the notions gradually start from the histophysiology of the skin organ, the biochemistry of the skin, elementary skin lesions, the most common pathologies of the skin, finally reaching the establishment of an appropriate and competent pharmaceutical advice for each individual. The practical laboratory works are intended to give students important skills regarding the preparation of pharmaceutical forms for skin use, but also logical reasoning skills in specific counseling for some dermatoses.

The current course support is represented by the volume: Anca Dragomirescu – Dermatocosmetologie cu profil farmaceutic, Brumar 2018 publishing house, and the most recent support for practical works are the books: Anca O. Dragomirescu, Felicia C. Andrei – Consilierea farmaceutică în probleme de cosmetologie (volumes 1 and 2). The additional bibliography includes the volume COSMECEUTICE substanțe active în formularea cosmetică – author Anca Dragomirescu (Victor Babeș Publishing House), 2019. Students can check your level of cosmetology knowledge by consulting the book  of multiple choice questions:  Teste de cosmetologie (Victor Babeș Publishing House, 2021). Students from the French teaching program benefit from a dedicated manual, authors: Anca Dragomirescu and Felicia Andrei.

Graduates in Pharmacy can continue their studies in this field with a 1-year master’s degree (more precisely, 2 semesters), organized by our discipline: Formulation and evaluation of dermatocosmetic products, for which new book titles are made available to master’s students, including the volume: (1) Îmbătrânirea cutanată (author Anca Dragomirescu), Brumar publishing house 2014, (2) Aging și antiaging – de la teorii la active cosmetice eficiente, Victor Babeș Timișoara Publishing House, 2022. Graduates of this pharmaceutical master’s degree acquire skills and competencies that compete to define the qualification: Specialist in cosmetic formulation and innovation.

The members of the discipline (Univ. Prof. Dr. Anca Dragomirescu and Univ. Assistant Dr. Felicia Andrei) are multi-specialized (graduates in Medicine and Pharmacy), in order to provide students with current information both in the field of the discipline and in related subjects. The concern for continuous education is also achieved by participating in numerous scientific communication sessions, conferences and congresses, both at national and international level, and the research is published in prestigious and well-rated journals with an impact factor. In addition to these, the fruition of the results of the various studies is also highlighted in the bachelor’s thesis of the students or the dissertations of the master’s students, coordinated by the teaching staff of the discipline. They were recognized as part of the national top professionals by awarding the Diploma of Excellence within the National Congress of Pharmacy, the 17th edition entitled: Pharmacy of the XXI century – Between intelligent specialization and social responsibility, held in Bucharest between September 26 and 29, 2018.

Because cosmetic and dermocosmetic products are often subject to exaggerated publicity, Prof. Univ. dr Anca Dragomirescu has become an influential voice in the activity of popularizing, towards the wide public of consumers, the unspoken truths behind cosmetic products, in the online environment, through a specialized blog.