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General presentation

The discipline of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology is a fundamental discipline that appeared with the establishment of the faculty, in 1991, under the leadership of Prof. Alexandru Cristescu, PhD (member of the Academy of Medical Sciences and trainer of the Timisoara School of Pathophysiology). In 1998, the study program in French of the Pharmacy specialization was established, which still operates at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Timişoara. From 2001 to 2004, the head of discipline was Prof. Anca Dragomirescu, PhD. In 2009 the head of the discipline becomes Assoc. Prof. Săvoiu Balint Germaine, PhD.

The discipline Pharmaceutical physics has existed since 1991 in the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes” Timisoara, with the establishment of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Until 2013, she was under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Adrian Neagu – head of the Biophysics discipline at the Faculty of Medicine. In 2014, the discipline of Pharmaceutical physics became an independent discipline within the Faculty of Pharmacy, being taken over by Assoc. Prof  Dr. Ordodi Valentin, Dr. Caunii Angela, Prof. Dr. Szabadai Zoltan, and Dr. Nicolov Mirela. In 2016 joined the team and As.Dr. Claudia Geanina Watz (Farcas).

In 2022, the Discipline of Anatomy, Physiology and Physiopathology was joined with the Discipline of Pharmaceutical Physics, under the coordination of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Săvoiu-Balint Germaine.

The discipline of Anatomy, Physiology, Physiopathology and Pharmaceutical physics in 2022 serves through the curriculum the following courses:

  • Anatomy, Physiology and Physiopathology – Pharmacy at the Romanian and French section: year 1 sem. II (2 hours of lectures and 3 hours of practical laboratory) and year 2 sem. I (2 hours of lectures and 2 hours of practical laboratory) + Sem II (1 hour of lecture and 1 hour of practical laboratory)
  • Human anatomy at the Medical Cosmetics specialization, first year, first semester (1 hour lecture and 2 hours practical laboratory)
  • Human Physiology and Physiopathology at the Medical Cosmetics specialization, first year, first semester (2 hours lecture and 2 hours practical laboratory)
  • Human anatomy. Human physiology. Pathophysiology at the ASF-Lugoj specialization, first year, semester I (2 hours of lecture and 2 hours of practical laboratory) and semester II (1 hour of lecture and 2 hours of practical laboratory)
  • Pharmaceutical physics and biophysics at the Pharmacy sections in Romanian and French which is provided with 2 hours of course and 2 hours of laboratory works in the first year both in the first and in the second semester.
  • Elements of applied biophysics at the ASF-Lugoj section provided with 1 hour of course and 1 hour of lab
  • Physics and applied biophysics to the Medical Cosmetics and Cosmetic Product Technology section provided with 1 hour of course and 1 hour of laboratory

Objectives –  Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology

            Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology is taught to the first- and second-year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy (Romanian and French sections), as well as to first-year students from the Specialization of Pharmacy Assistance – Lugoj and Medical Cosmetics and Cosmetic Technology.

The analytical program is complete and modern, in accordance with the programs of similar disciplines from other Pharmacy faculties in the country, but also in Europe. Both in the courses and the practical activities, the teaching activity is a modern one, focused on the student, in which the interactive aspect of the communication with the students is stimulated. The course provides theoretical support that allows the understanding and accumulation of basic anatomical, physiological and pathophysiological knowledge of the human body, necessary to understand the strategy of diagnosis and treatment, as well as the mechanisms of action of drugs in the human body. In the practical works students will deepen the notions of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology (presented in the course) and will correlate these notions with the (para)clinical changes the diseases induce (detailed and exemplified by case studies, analysis and interpretation of analysis bulletins). The practical works are carried out in a room equipped with computers, programs and equipment that allow the study of the human body and functional disorders corresponding to various pathologies (imaging study, anatomy, physiology and virtual pathophysiology, other direct methods).

            Through the analytical program, students will develop and consolidate a theoretical knowledge base regarding human anatomy, the functionality of structures in the human body, the mechanisms that lead to pathological processes, their manifestations and diagnosis, notions that are necessary to facilitate the understanding of administration routes, mechanisms of action and the metabolism of drugs in the body, and also for his activity as a future pharmacist.

Objectives –  Pharmaceutical physics

  1. Knowledge of scalar and vector quantities, respectively of SI and CGS units system of measurement
  2. Knowledge of the main mechanical phenomena of statics, kinematics and dynamics and their applications in the pharmaceutical field, such as measurements using scales, determinations of densities in solids (drugs) and liquid solutions, determinations of surface stresses in washing solutions used in in the field of pharmaceuticals, respectively the determination of different coefficients of viscosity (dynamic, kinematic and relative viscosity coefficients by different methods such as Hoppler and Ubbelohde of solutions used in the pharmaceutical field such as baby syrups and cough syrups.
  3. Knowledge of the main thermal and thermodynamic phenomena and their applications in the pharmaceutical field, such as the determination of the laws of gases, of specific heats in solids or liquids
  4. Knowledge of electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic phenomena, optical phenomena and their applications in the pharmaceutical field such as conductivity studies in different types of solutions used in the pharmaceutical field, the study and applications of sound waves
  5. Knowledge of phenomena in the field of laser physics, atomic and nuclear physics more precisely the phenomena of radioactivity, respectively X-ray and their applications in the pharmaceutical field such as the study of radiopharmaceuticals – a perspective directive in the pharmaceutical field, X-ray analysis of medical compounds for identification, applications of photonics
  6. Knowledge of the phenomena in the field of the biophysics of the nucleus, of the cell, membrane cell, respectively of the synaptic transmission, more precisely the knowledge of the notions of chemical synapses, respectively of the different chemical mediators
  7. Know how to perform measurements with the help of balance, densitometer, thermometer, chronometer , stalagmometer, viscometer, conductometer, microscope
  8. Knowledge of performing concentration calculations starting from experimental data
  9. Knowledge of the preparation of substances necessary for laboratory work
  10. Knowing the formulation of conclusions regarding the phenomena that occurred depending on the results obtained
Scientific research projects
  • Strategii cardioprotectoare la reperfuzie-mitocondria ca multipla ţintă terapeutică, Parteneriate tip PC, nr.contract 42122/2008, 2008 – 2011, 138300 2009, Membru : Germaine Săvoiu-Balint
  • Tehnologii inovative de producere a unor alimente funcţionale de origine vegetală cu impact asupra sănătăţii umane, PC,  contract 610008/18 .09. 2007,Coordonator de proiect: Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai – Cluj-Napoca, 2009, Membru : Germaine Săvoiu-Balint
  • A pan- European research network for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, nr. contract 241951, Fp7-Health-2009-3.1-3, 2009, Simona Drăgan Responsabil proiect, Membru : Germaine Săvoiu-Balint.
  • Grantul de cercetare CNCSIS tip A: „Beneficiul recuperarii cardiace comprehensive a pacientilor cu by-pass aorto – coronarian asupra disfunctiei endoteliale – studiu corelativ cu polimorfismul NO sintetazei endoteliale”. Membru : Germaine Săvoiu-Balint
  • Programul Parteneriate în cercetarea fundamentalǎ inovativǎ UMFT, III-C1-PCFI-2014/2015, Proiect SYNTANTITUM, „Sinteza unor compuşi cu potenţială activitate antitumorală prin reacţii de derivatizare şi caracterizarea acestora prin tehnici hifenate. Evaluarea activităţii antiangiogenice, antineoplazice şi antiinflamatoare”, 30000 euro, 2014-2015 Director de proiect, conf. univ. dr. Fuliaş Adriana-Violeta, Membru : Germaine Săvoiu-Balint
  • Programul Parteneriate în cercetarea fundamentală inovativă a UMFVBT, Grant UMFVBT PIII-C5-PCFI-2017/2018: ”Rolul vitaminei D în modularea funcției vasculare și mitocondriale la nivelul țesutului adipos pe model animal și la om” – acronim VASC-ADIPO-MIT, 2017-2018, Membru : Germaine Săvoiu-Balint, Mioc (Petruș) Alexandra
  • Proiect pentru tineri cercetători (PII-C4-TC-2016): ”Screening-ul rezervei funcționale bioenergetice în sângele periferic la pacienții cu hemopatii maligne” câștigat prin competiţia internă a UMF “VICTOR BABEŞ” Timişoara, 2016, Director proiect: Mioc (Petruș) Alexandra
  • Proiect de cooperare transfrontalieră Ungaria-România 2007-2013 ”Twinning Project for the Development of the Research Infrastructure – HURO-TWIN” cod 1101/082/2.2.1, 2013-2015, Membru: Mioc (Petruș) Alexandra
  • Projects of Exploratory Research l (IDEI): ”Evaluation of cardioprotective effects of K-ATP channels modulation ” code PCE-2012-4-0512, 2013-2016, 2016 Membru: Mioc (Petruș) Alexandra
  • Programul Parteneriate în cercetarea fundamentală inovativă a UMFVBT, Grant UMFVBT PIII-C2-PCFI-2015/2016, “Noi abordări farmaceutice pentru modularea biodisponibilităţii unor flavonoide cu potenţial chemopreventiv pentru melanomul malign” – acronim FLAVOFORM. Membru: Mioc (Petruș) Alexandra
  • Romania-France Cooperation Mobilities Programme „Brancusi-Hubert Curien”, “Novel Insights in Vascular Protection Mediated By Purinergic Signaling” – PUR-VASC-PROTECT , project no. 75 BM, 2017-2018, Membru: Mioc (Petruș) Alexandra
Reprezentative scientific publications
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Publications (books) for students


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Courses for master students:

  • Claudia Borza, Germaine Savoiu, Carmen Cristescu, Fiziologia si fiziopatologia imbatranirii, EdEurobit,109 pagini,, 2010, ISBN9789736207143

Practical activities:

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