Career counseling is provided to foreign students, resident physicians and PhD students at the International Student Counselor Office (ISCO). The goal is to help them familiarize with and adapt themselves to the new place and culture. ISCO provides the following services throughout the entire study period:

  • Information related to organization and accommodation;
  • Mediation of issues (if any) between students and university; addressing discrepancies;
  • Counseling related to career guidance and international recognition of credentials (degrees, diplomas, competency exams etc.);
  • Counseling in order to elaborate the career development plan;
  • Information on how to pursue university / postgraduate courses available at UMFT; help with choosing the right educational opportunities;
  • Support in developing personal management skills (personal branding, time management, etc.);
  • Assistance with creating job search tools: employment portfolio, letter of motivation; job fairs, volunteering and networking with employers, company presentations;
  • Preparation for job interviews;
  • Information about the steps to be followed by the dropout foreign students in order to reintegrate themselves into the university and resume their studies

To schedule an individual counseling session, please send us an e-mail at; all discussions during the counseling sessions will be kept confidential and the information regarding personal data will be protected in compliance with the GDPR rules. The services offered by the ISCO office are free for all foreign students of UMFT.

As. Prof. Dr. Nilima Rajpal Kundnani, Ph.D.
Specialist physician in Pediatrics and Family Medicine

International student counselor
Address: 2 Eftimie Murgu Sq, Student hostel building 1-2, room no. 45
e-mail:; Phone no: +40749031206
Facebook: International Student Counselor office – ISCO

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Student-counselor meeting

Student-counselor meeting! 
Medicine students – french section first year. 
18 December 2023

A meeting conducted by Assistant Prof. Cons. Dr. Nilima Rajpal Kundnani, the international students educational counselor, to understand the needs, and problems of our new students, and to find tailored solutions for them. To help them integrate easily and to have a smooth transition phase. Also to gain feedback on the initial months at our university.