If you find yourself in one or more of the following situations, you can contact the on-campus psychological counseling service of UMFT:

  • You have difficulty in coping with issues; unable to face the problems encountered, and have anxiety, hopelessness, sadness, loss of appetite, strange thoughts, or difficulty concentrating, inability to communicate problems to friends and/or family, and even after trying you were unable to resolve the problem(s);
  • You suffered significant losses; you went through difficult situations that you didn’t anticipate;
  •  You need to share your grief; be heard and understood, and want to make major changes in your life.

 For scheduling a one-on-one counseling session, please send us an e-mail to consiliere.studenti@umft.ro. The duration of a session will be 50 minutes. All discussions during the counseling sessions will be held confidential and the information regarding personal data will be protected in compliance with the GDPR rules. The services offered by the CCOC department are free for all UMFT students and employees.


E-mail: consiliere.studenti@umft.ro
Address: 2 Eftimie Murgu Sq, 2nd floor, room 209

Facebook: Centrul de Consiliere si Orientare in Cariera UMFT