Name of the research center: Advanced instrumental Screening Center/ acronym AISC

Director of the research center: Prof. Adriana Ledeti, PhD

Date of establishment/ acknowledgement: 05.03.2021

Research areas/ research opportunities:

This research center was developed as a necessity to align ourselves as a department in line with current trends in science, namely the involvement in multi-, trans- and interdisciplinary research. The development of the AISC research center is based on the rich expertise of the 16 members in the following research fields:

  • Synthesis, physico-chemical characterization (spectroscopic techniques and thermal analysis) and screening of the biological activity of new organic compounds of synthesis or semisynthesis, respectively of some coordinative combinations with their transitional ions;
  • Studies of thermal stability in solid state of some substances of pharmaceutical and dermatocosmetic interest or with potential biological activity using classical and isoconversional kinetic methods, respectively establishing the mechanism of their decomposition;
  • Study of the compatibility of some substances of pharmaceutical / dermatocosmetic interest with various excipients using instrumental analysis techniques (thermal analysis, FTIR spectroscopy, PXRD, SEM, etc.), as well as the evaluation of thermo-chemically induced thermal interactions between the constituents of commercial solid pharmaceutical forms;
  • Obtaining and characterization of supramolecular adducts (complex combinations, host-guest complexes and binary adducts of cocrystal / salt type) of some biologically-active substances and their physico-chemical characterization by instrumental techniques in solution and / or solid state;
  • Obtaining and characterizing polymeric nanostructures usable as drug carriers.
  • Characterization studies by complex instrumental screening of some biological samples with complex structure and correlation with the corresponding lithogenic processes.
  • Biological activity modeling studies in order to optimize drug design.
  • Uncovering new drug properties in target-based drug–drug similarity networks
  • Evaluation of the shelf-life of some biologically active compounds, of the corresponding galenic forms or of the compounds with potential biological activity;
  • Discovery of new biologically active substances, using computational modeling based on quantitative relationships between the chemical structure of the studied compounds and their biological activity
Members list:

Titular members:


Name and surname of the titular member
(didactic/ research personnel)

Didactic/ research degree


Ledeți Adriana-Violeta

Professor. PhD


Borcan Florin

Associate prof., PhD


Cîrcioban Denisa-Laura

Assist. lecturer


Tomoroga (Axente) Carmen

Assist. lecturer


Sbârcea Laura

Associate prof., PhD


Dragomirescu Anca-Octavia

Professor. PhD


Felicia Andrei

Assist. lecturer


Ledeți Ionuț-Valentin

Associate prof., PhD


Simu Sebastian-Claudiu

Assist. lecturer


Olariu Tudor

Senior lecturer, PhD


Săvoiu-Balint Germene

Associate prof. PhD


Internal collaborators:


Grad didactic/cercetare
Nume, prenume 

Afiliere UMFVBT
(disciplina, departamentul)


Assoc. Prof. Farm. PhD, Șuta Lenuța-Maria

Pharmaceutical Technology Discipline
Department II


Assoc. Prof, MD PhD, Murariu Marius Sorin

Discipline of Surgery Department X Surgery II