Name of the research center: Research Center in Anesthesia and Intensive Care/ acronym CCATITM

Director of the research center: Professor Sandesc Dorel, MD, PhD.

Date of establishment/ acknowledgement: 05.03.2021

Research areas/ research opportunities:

The Center for Research in Anesthesia and Intensive Care (CCATITM) has the following projects underway:

  • Multimodal monitoring in general anesthesia;
  • Optimization of nutritional therapy using indirect calorimetry
  • The impact of the digitalization of the clinical activity in the Clinic of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care – “Pius Brînzeu” Emergency County Clinical Hospital Timișoara on the quality of the medical management and the patient’s safety
  • The impact of digitalization of clinical activity on human resources

Future research directions include complex projects in collaboration with:

  • GE Healthcare: Artificial Intelligence in Anesthesia and Intensive Care
  • Protection and Guard Service (SPP): Expression of microRNAs in sepsis
Members list:

Titular members:


Name and surname of the titular member (didactic/ research personnel)

Didactic/ research degree


Dorel Săndesc

Professor, MD, PhD


Ovidiu Horea Bedreag

Associate Professor


Marius Păpurică

Associate Professor


Claudiu Rafael Bârsac

Assistant Professor


Andra Maghiar

Assistant Professor


Alexandru Florin Rogobete

Assistant Professor